When reality hits you hard.

So, as a typical Pakistani girl, I had always been kinda protected from the outside world. Girls, in general, don’t get as much exposure to the outside world while growing up because, well, we are girls, and we stay at home mostly, because generally, parents don’t let their daughters frolic outside after all, God forbid, […]

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Waiting for a miracle.

You wait for the calmness to comeYou wait for the peace to arriveYou wait for the hope to ariseYou wait for a miracleThen you realize that waiting does no goodIt is you who needs to take the initiative and work hardOnly you can help your self get out of this place of darkness and hopelessnessYou […]

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Be a rebel.

I am weird because I talk to stray, harmless animalsI am weird because I sing along or sometimes lip syncs to songsI am weird because I don’t understand the subtleties of insultI am weird because I sometimes eat fries after dipping them in ice creamI am weird because I do voices for funI ain’t like […]

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Here is to Hope.

Hope is a funny thing. It makes you work towards your dreams even on days when you don’t want to leave your bed. It makes you do little productive things even if you feel tired all the time. It makes you believe that good things come to those who are patient, who work slowly and […]

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