On the Mend, still.

Have you ever seen people slowly getting tired of you ? Have you ever seen the I am so done with your bullshit look? Have you ever heard words like ”when are you ever gonna get okay”, or when are you ever gonna start behaving like a normal person”? Have people ever asked  you that […]

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Be a rebel.

I am weird because I talk to stray, harmless animals I am weird because I sing along or sometimes lip syncs to songs I am weird because I don’t understand the subtleties of  insult I am weird because I sometimes eat fries after dipping them in ice cream I am weird because I do voices […]

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lose yourself.

It has been a while since I have written anything.Now, at 5:44 am when I can’t sleep, I decided to write something about some saying many people have probably heard a lot of times. The saying goes something like,”You have to lose yourself in order to find yourself”. I always thought what type of hogwash […]

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True freedom is when you let go of the illusion of control. We think we can control our life but the truth is you can work hard but any external calamity at any time can come and ruin everything. This teaches you to not to take life too seriously because at the end of the […]

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