Annoying Desi Superstitions.

As desis, we are highly superstitious and sometimes it gets so annoying. Like, you hear from elders all the time not to wear black on happy occasions like weddings or on Eid because black is colour for mourning apparently and its bad to wear black colour on such auspicious events. I love wearing black clothes […]

Following The Crowd.

Sometimes I wish, I was also like everyone else around me.Wish I was also like one of those people who just follow the crowd and play safe all their life. I tried so much to be part of such group of people. I tried to ‘fit in’ but always felt like a phoney and then […]


I hate it when people normalize horrible things. I can’t understand why they do that.The vile things I hear from the mouth of so-called educated people disgust me to my core.People talk shit about women who had been divorced. People talk shit behind their backs and act like they support the women’s decision of getting […]