The Parlour Talk.

In Pakistani parlours, the ladies not just come for grooming but to hear the latest gossip about someone else and to discuss household matters with the parlour lady and the other customers. Complete strangers end up telling you about the fight they had with their husbands/sons/daughters/mother in laws/ sister in laws etc. You get a feeling which is mixture of fascination and disgust in parlour. I think as human beings we tend to become a little interested in what’s going on in a stranger’s life to pass the time. But, sometimes you hear such horrendous stories which make your blood boil like nothing else! From these talks you can gauge how women no matter how much educated, are still suffering abuse.

Just a few days ago, I went to a local parlour and the owner was talking about her daughter,how she doesn’t drink milk and how her daughter’s husband have tried everything to make her drink milk. She said something which made me boil with anger, she said that her daughter’s husband didn’t pushed her that much to drink milk because he said she might argue a lot and he might lose his temper and hit her! that’s just how easy it is to lose temper,apparently for men. I was actually more worried at how the owner was casually talking about it like it’s just a normal part of life and its true, for many people, it’s a normal thing sadly. The women themselves don’t realize how toxic the patriarchial attitude is for them. I have heard similar talks like that in different local parlours, so and so girl shouldn’t have argued much that’s why he(her husband ) hit her and it’s her fault too because she argued. Nobody gets that beating is never right no matter how much she argues. Some people just don’t get that at all and that’s why sometimes the parlour talk makes me sick.


6 thoughts on “The Parlour Talk.

  1. It makes my blood boil too when someone says that girls shouldn’t argue back or have likes and dislikes as her husband may not like that so he has the right to abuse her! It never made sense to me and what worse is that women are behind keeping this “tradition” alive. Instead of ever teaching their sons to never abuse or hit wives they back them up as well teaching daughters to be quite and put up with it because it’s normal! It has to stop and it only will when women bring their sons up better!

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    1. True. Women themselves are normalizing this behaviour. They should teach their daughters self respect and their sons to treat their wives with the same way they want to be treated by their wives I.e with love , understanding and respect.

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