Sheep in the big city (part two)

So, about a month ago I wrote that I have moved to a big city. I wrote about the freedom that big city offers among other things, below is the link to my previous blog post about the big city.

Sheep in the big city.

So, its been more than a month since I moved to the big city within two weeks of that I became really ill. Had fever and flu for a few days then lost my voice(sore throat) and hardly could speak for about 10 days. My eating habits changed, I became cranky and homesick . The thing is big city does offer you freedom but there is a sense of loneliness also that comes with it when I was sick in my post-grad class nobody even bothered to ask about how am I feeling or even tried to generally just talk to me to make me feel better. I am not blaming anyone because I am a new student who is from another city and I guess people here have way more busier life. Everyone here is always in a rush, always busy, I just wish people would slow down a bit, take a deep breath and look at the stars more often, take more late night walks instead of going to the gym all the time but well, that’s just wishful thinking, I guess. But what’s the point of life if its so robotic ? You always wake up at a certain time, you do certain daily tasks and go home and sleep. That’s how life is here.There is no concept of spur of the moment decisions, no spontaneity! I miss my sudden plans with friends, I miss how me and my friends used to arrange surprise birthday parties and just ditch classes sometimes and share a meal and a good laugh at some nearby cafe.

In short, I am kinda bothered by the robotics routine in the big city. I love the freedom that comes with it but what’s the point of it when you end up doing similar routine tasks that everyone else around you is doing everyday.


2 thoughts on “Sheep in the big city (part two)

  1. I think it is quite hard to hard to make friends as an adult because everyone is already “set into a robotic routine” as you said. However it’s only been a month so give it some time and I am sure you will meet people who aren’t that robotic 😊

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