True freedom is when you let go of the illusion of control. We think we can control our life but the truth is you can work hard but any external calamity at any time can come and ruin everything. This teaches you to not to take life too seriously because at the end of the day death will come for us all. Set goals, try your best to achieve them but don’t be too heartbroken over any failure because remember success and failure both are temporary just like your life and why cry over something so terribly which is not lasting. Many conquerors came and achieved remarkable feat but they also must have faced failure a countless times before emerging as stars and remember each and every one of them, no matter how successful and powerful became dust in the end . As you grow older you understand that personal achievements though, are important for your self esteem but you shouldn’t revolve your life around them as such goals  are just going to at most last long as you do . The much more long lasting thing is planting a tree which can still give shade to the travelers, the homeless and home to the birds and insects. Try to leave a little bit longer lasting memories before you die.

That’s  my thought of the day today, I hope all of you have a wonderful December and even better new year. Lots of love and peace from a kinda wiser 26 year old.


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