lose yourself.


It has been a while since I have written anything.Now, at 5:44 am when I can’t sleep, I decided to write something about some saying many people have probably heard a lot of times. The saying goes something like,”You have to lose yourself in order to find yourself”. I always thought what type of hogwash is this ! How come losing yourself is gonna help you in any way. But I guess, you understand things as you mature and words that made no sense before start to make sense suddenly. It is like waking up one day and beginning to understand something which seemed too ridiculous at first.

I think, I am at that stage where I can begin to understand the meaning of this quote or saying. You have to let go of your inhibitions to discover yourself. Stop thinking about what other people would think just let go of your inhibitions. I did something a few days ago, that I didn’t know I had the guts to do and in the process I lost an old, for want of a better word, friend. The thing had to be done in order for me to be taken seriously as a human being. I am usually a person who hates confrontation, I avoid it like the plague. But you have to confront people who are close to you or pretend to be close to you in order to make them understand that you can’t always work or act the way that suits them. You are living breathing human being who has a right to be taken seriously!

so, my ‘friend’ said horrible things to me just because I took a stand for once in my life. I no longer was the sweet, nice and understanding friend and at first I felt really sad and felt a bit guilty but then I realized how quickly people distance themselves from you when you are no longer the always sweet and subservient person. I realized something that day. I realized to never be too sweet because that’s bad for you and people look at you as a weakling. Instead be kind but fierce at the same time, so that people know that they can’t mess with you.

That’s all folks. My advice is let go of your inhibitions and find out what else you can be in your life.



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