Be a rebel.

I am weird because I talk to stray, harmless animals I am weird because I sing along or sometimes lip syncs to songs I am weird because I don’t understand the subtleties of  insult I am weird because I sometimes eat fries after dipping them in ice cream I am weird because I do voices […]

An open letter to Pakistani Society.

Dear Society, I want to be a free woman. Free from your judgements and hurtful gossips. Free from the expectations of how a good girl should behave in a society. (Basically, she shouldn’t have an opinion and she should just focus on making good food and maintaining a household because that’s what is eventually the […]


I hate it when people normalize horrible things. I can’t understand why they do that.The vile things I hear from the mouth of so-called educated people disgust me to my core.People talk shit about women who had been divorced. People talk shit behind their backs and act like they support the women’s decision of getting […]