My Periods Story and One Of Our Biggest Dilemmas.

I live in a society where you can’t openly talk about your menstrual cycle.For those of you who don’t know, we as women have to face this thing called periods or what is popularly known as ‘That time of the month’ by many men. The taboo attached with periods is really bad in our culture, […]

Explaining My Anxiety To Other People.

I have anxiety issues and I absolutely hate to explain it to other people face to face because most people don’t understand what am I going through. People tell me all the time to stop worrying so much. They fail to understand that it’s not a switch that I can turn on or off whenever […]

My Experience With Sleep Paralysis. 

Sleep paralysis is a condition in which basically you are somewhere between dream and reality. You are not completely awake nor you are completely asleep. It’s a frightening condition if you have no awareness about it. It occurs usually when you are about to fall asleep or when you are about to wake up. My […]