The little things that make life worth living.

The little things, like children playing happily with no worries and tension. Sounds of carefree laughter you share with your friends and family. Even the fake fights you have with your siblings. The thrill of secretly eating the last slice of pizza taken from the refrigerator at midnight. The joy of winning an argument. The […]

What I wouldn’t give to be a child again.

When you are a child you believe in just about everything. You believe that the world is fair, you believe that that honesty and goodness always prevails and evil always falls. You believe in goodness and you think everyone is good inside. Maybe someone is grumpy or angry on the outside but on the inside […]

YOU VS SOCIETY- The never ending battle.  

You: I don’t want to do the same stuff everyone else is doing. I want to become a storyteller, a writer and a traveller. Society: that’s not a proper profession! Are you insane? How will you be able to earn a decent amount of money? You: But, I don’t want to be an engineer or […]


Hi readers, This post is for the undeserving ones. You often feel like you don’t deserve something. If you are getting too good at something you get worried. I don’t how many times I intentionally underperformed in a test or an exam or a presentation because I believed I don’t deserve a perfect result.People like […]