Every Color Is Lovely.

A few days ago, I went to a beauty parlour to get mehndi or henna tattoos on my hands.On chand raat(night before the Eid festival) in Pakistan many girls go out to get henna tattoos (which aren’t permanent btw). So, as expected the parlour was full of ladies waiting for their turn to get mehndi. […]

What I learned In The Past Few Days.

I learned that I am too hard on myself and don’t trust my instincts and capabilities enough. I will try to be more relaxed and less rigid with myself and try to learn to love my imperfect self and embrace failures along with success. I will try to remember that some things are just out […]


Hi readers, This post is for the undeserving ones. You often feel like you don’t deserve something. If you are getting too good at something you get worried. I don’t how many times I intentionally underperformed in a test or an exam or a presentation because I believed I don’t deserve a perfect result.People like […]