5 Things Some Guys Do Online That Are Highly Creepy .

Who hasn’t came across creepy people in the online world?. I think almost everyone especially every girl who has ever had an Id on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter or any other online forum has at least came across one creepy person online. Today, I am specifically gonna talk about creepy and […]

My Strange Encounter.

If you are on facebook then you must be familiar with the ‘other messages’ and ‘message request inbox’. The message request inbox contains messages from people with whom you share mutual friends. The other messages inbox contain messages from just about any random stranger on Facebook. A few days ago, I went to a place […]

For The Love Of ¬†Views And Likes!

So, lately, the internet was full of news about a YouTuber Logan Paul who apparently many kids love and adore and follow on different social media platforms. The news, in a nutshell, was that he recorded video of a dead man who had probably committed suicide and Logan was just standing near the dead man’s […]