5 Things Some Guys Do Online That Are Highly Creepy .

Who hasn’t came across creepy people in the online world?. I think almost everyone especially every girl who has ever had an Id on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter or any other online forum has at least came across one creepy person online. Today, I am specifically gonna talk about creepy and […]

My Views After Reading The Bell Jar.

The Bell Jar is a book written by Slyvia Plath. That’s the only novel written by the late author. It is semi autobiographical. The way she narrated her story is just amazing. The more I read it, the more I realized that there are many similarities between the 1960s America and modern day Pakistan in […]


Hey, readers! As mentioned earlier, I Live in a country called Pakistan. It has gotten a lot of bad press in the past few years and I am seriously not gonna go into details of why because this post is not about those kinda things. This post is about the myths that quite a lot […]