An open letter to all the supporters.

Dear supporters, I am not a popular blogger nor am I even that consistent in blogging(working on that bit) but still whenever I post on my blog some people always take the time to read my post and it just makes me really happy.I still remember the day when I wrote my first blog post […]

The little things that make life worth living.

The little things, like children playing happily with no worries and tension. Sounds of carefree laughter you share with your friends and family. Even the fake fights you have with your siblings. The thrill of secretly eating the last slice of pizza taken from the refrigerator at midnight. The joy of winning an argument. The […]

Types of Desi Aunties.

If you live in Pakistan or India then you must be familiar with desi aunties. You know the ones who ask unnecessary personal questions when they meet you, gossip endlessly about other people and strictly believe that one should get married at 25 and have kids by age 27. So, the thing is aunties can […]