Peeta Mellark- The man who stole my heart.

People who have read the hunger games know who Peeta is. He is this kind and gentle soul who doesn’t shy away in expressing his love for Katniss(the protagonist of the series). He is a loyal friend and a loyal lover as well, he knows baking, he is caring, a very good painter, he is […]

The little things that make life worth living.

The little things, like children playing happily with no worries and tension. Sounds of carefree laughter you share with your friends and family. Even the fake fights you have with your siblings. The thrill of secretly eating the last slice of pizza taken from the refrigerator at midnight. The joy of winning an argument. The […]

What I learned In The Past Few Days.

I learned that I am too hard on myself and don’t trust my instincts and capabilities enough. I will try to be more relaxed and less rigid with myself and try to learn to love my imperfect self and embrace failures along with success. I will try to remember that some things are just out […]